9B Medical Dr NE Cartersville

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It is the philosophy of Assured Hospice Care to provide quality end-of-life care that is both sensitive and compassionate. We are here to provide education, support and guidance to our patients and their caregivers.

We provide physical, emotional and spiritual care through a team of qualified professionals to insure the utmost patient dignity during this difficult time. It is an honor for Assured Hospice Care to be given this opportunity.

We proudly offer Inpatient Hospice Care. This type of care is provided for pain control or other acute symptom management that cannot feasibly be provided at home. Inpatient Care begins when other efforts to manage symptoms have been ineffective. Our facility has a Registered Nurse and qualified caregivers on site 24 hours a day to provide direct patient care.

Opening hours

Opens at 12:00
  • Every day from 12:00 - PM to 12:00 - PM

Payment methods accepted

  • Amex
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Last update: 17/01/2019
Price range: Undetermined

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