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Hello - I'm Werner, and I'd love to be your home inspector.
I believe in quality, safety and I was trained by the best. On top I want to give you the best possible deal. No hidden fees, no unpleasant surprises.
I received my training from companies, Governments and organizations in Europe, USA and Asia. I also worked in Central America and the Caribbean.

I have excellent knowledge in renewable energy and I always believed that using renewable energy makes sense if accomplished right.
As a home inspector you are not always popular, sometimes we have to point out things that need to be corrected, to ensure our customers are save and to avoid future problems.

Opening hours

Opens at 7:00
  • Every day from 7:00 - AM to 8:00 - PM

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Payment methods accepted

  • Cheque
General information

Last update: 20/11/2017
Price range: Undetermined

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